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questionable stone, meteorite or more likely not?

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I have this stone that was pulled out of a field in the thumb of Michigan many years ago by my grandfather when he was younger, probably 50+ years now.  This stone has strange characteristics, it leaves no streak unless the red portion scrapes on the plate, then it's a faint brown orange, it is magnetic, has bright green growth on a small part of it, has silverish/metallic streaks near the surface, round stone patterns all throughout it.  What are your opinions on this boulder?  weighs quite a bit, i can really only roll it around unlike other boulders of the same size





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It's iron ore. Definitely not a meteorite.

You should be able to get a streak out of it. 

It's a neat rock. But it didn't fall from the sky. I bet it came from one of those huge iron deposits you guys have up there in that country.

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