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Sharpie hack


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I use a lot of Sharpies out in the work shop and it seems that they run dry too fast. 

Did a little experiment a few weeks ago and it worked.

Drill out the back end of the Sharpie, inject 1 ML of lacquer thinner.  Put some tape over the end.

So far it has lasted 2 times as long as the first time. Don't know how many times I can do this but it works! 

I know....im cheap. Its just irritating they don't last very long. 
Tom H. 


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Thanks Tom!

I also use a lot of Sharpies and I will try this, I have at least 10 or more dried up in my van  at the moment, and we have gallons of lacquer thinner at the shop, we do high end custom cabinets.

I do all the work in the field, laying out cabinets for the builders so they can get the mechanical rough-ins in the correct locations, most all of the installs, etc., I also do the more complicated builds in the shop at least get them to a point the shop crew can finish them up, I don't do any of the basic builds since our shop crew can easily do those.

If anyone is interested I can post a link to our website in another topic so ya'll can see some of our work.

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Skip...yes! show some pics!! I have done a lot of cabinetry/wall units and anything anyone wanted out of wood also. :) 

Will dig some pics out and post them also.

Tom H.


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I used to tape a few feet of string onto a sharpy, then whirl it around for a few seconds to pull any remaining  ink to the tip.

I like the drill a hole and add solvent id ea.   Heck, Get some indelible ink and refill your own. Just have to try keeping them stored tip down. 

 old  Bic pens-use the endcap on the barrel as the plug for the hole drilled in Mr Sharpie.


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