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What is this?

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It looks like a hematite concretion to me.

You know the drill. Streak and hardness. A peek at the inside under the weathering. A close look under magnification to see the constituents and texture of the minerals.

It's not "palladium". Palladium is a mineral. That is a rock comprised of minerals. It could possibly contain palladium but it is not palladium.


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On 4/28/2021 at 11:07 AM, Bedrock Bob said:


It's not "palladium". Palladium is an :Just_Cuz_15:element



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How did you figure out the density? Complicated math or dipping in a beaker?

If your density is absolutely correct, and the density an exact match off the periodic chart, then it may point towards that element that has the density, but the truth is, you need a rather pure sample of an element to get a good match off the periodic chart.  The sample probably has many other minerals and compounds in the rock in your pic to make it one step of the process, but far from conclusive.

Where are you located?  If you're in Arizona the odds of this being a Platinum Group Metal found by you are nil, at least according to the Arizona Bureau of mines.  They put out a bulletin a few years ago warning against any platinum as being suspect of a fraud.  Its not that you can't get PGM in AZ, its just that the only place it us mined is from a byproduct of copper mining, and then only in trace amounts extracted from the electrolysis where the plate is copper plate is made pure, and the PGM production is insignificant.

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