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Just some pictures from the last couple weeks of prospecting around the State Of Jefferson.

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E187C5AA-4D3A-40CC-A99C-40EDC285176D.jpegMineralized quartz vein in granite.CBDDDF02-9C52-4363-BB2B-F8B7A2E1B2D2.jpegMineralized quartz vein in what I think is andesite.3A297CD7-F131-4A2E-9DA4-88C568D09883.jpegvery red dirt. This red patch come out of nowhere and couldn’t have been wider than 50 feet.9023238C-67B5-47B3-B478-5B5A1DF0C5B8.jpegore sample, had lots of pyrites.E2B6FD4D-A95E-4CFA-B5EA-003F728A0C20.jpegthe megamortar.9CA0E73F-55DD-474D-BB5B-72939783D125.jpeg42DDA623-BF8E-498A-A04F-D1A377A9CDCE.jpegBA6E6D89-E7E0-4205-B49D-9481D709EFE3.jpegA42E3E81-E45A-4DF2-82FA-F1C6A6E0A78C.jpegEEEAA5FD-A9ED-48D2-8A4D-A124836A95D6.jpegADF998A7-347E-48A1-9D38-1C2487485076.jpeg28C33DA8-008D-4592-A050-36349D7A569E.jpegDCB112B6-F13B-437C-8CF6-6927E004F70E.jpeg



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  • StateofJeffersonProspectin changed the title to Just some pictures from the last couple weeks of prospecting around the State Of Jefferson.
On 5/1/2021 at 3:21 AM, GeoJack said:

Isn't the State of Jefferson in Texas?

The State of Jefferson movement picked up a lot of momentum in the last 20 years....My ball cap has the logo on it....as popular as the idea is with the population that lives within the proposed borders, it will never happen. 

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I think the state of Texas should help out those in California that want to live "Texas style" and help them move down there. Plenty of open space and they still put fertilizer plants right next to schools. 

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Well I am in the Oregon side of The State of Jefferson. The State of Jefferson, is mostly a state of mind these days, TSOJ was almost a reality, but unfortunately Pearl Harbor happened the day before they were supposed to vote for it to become its own state. The TSOJ encompasses some of the most beautiful and rugged terrain in the PNW.

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