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Starling Internet -- Imagine The Possibilities

Dakota Slim

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Starlink is supposed to have an RV package for RV's, trucks, ships and planes this year. 
This will allow prospectors and miners an even longer leash. You can have it all with Starlink, Youtube TV (or Hulu, etc,) and VOIP.



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Elon Musk never releases a lot of details about his products.

I was reading on this yesterday, and he has petitioned or requested the FCC grant him licenses for mobile station.

The license he has now for 1 million users is for stationary only.  When you buy your equipment from him, it is tagged with your GPS location, and if you leave this location, the equipment automatically shuts down.  There is no mobile transmitter now, and what I read does not make it seem like the price would be what us mere mortals would be able to afford once it is mobile.

Right now, in the Phoenix valley, you can be part of his beta program which will start sometime mid-year.  Enter your zip-code at the starlink website, you might be able to start now.  You pay $500 for equipment, and subscription is $100 per month.  The goal is 150 MBPs. Those that are using it now have spotty coverage, mostly because it is beta testing without enough satellites up.  Others have gotten up to 175 MBPs.

If out of Beta testing prices remain the same, if the connection is reliable at 150 MBPS, that would be three times the speed I get from my internet provider at two thirds the cost.

I really was looking at it for the RV.  The dish that comes with Starlink is supposed to be 23", which is smaller than the other satellite internet dishes I looked at.  Since these Starlink satellites are low earth orbit satellites, you would not be pointing this at a geostationary satellite like the ones I've used with the government.  There's another article about someone sacrificing their startlink dish and tearing it apart, but they really did not find the how it works from the components, but they did guess that it used phased array radio transmission, which would focus the transmission beam in a certain direction, and would be able to move from satellite to satellite pretty quickly and this is all aimed electronically and not mechanically.  If that's true, aiming the dish would be easy.

I've seen a few things on users buying a Hughes net or via sat system and installing themselves on an RV, and if that is true (I've never seen one myself and both companies claim stationary use) that may be available now.

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