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5 hours ago, Mikestang said:

Tough to tell from the photo, but the ground-window picts, around the edge of the grind where I would expect to see a thin layer of fusion crust I do not see anything resembling; it appears to be more of an oxidation coating than a fusion crust.  Also tough to tell from the photo is if the interior is metal, or is it a semi-metallic luster like you'd get from filing hematite/magnetite?

Regmaglypt size is a function of the size of the body upon which they form.  I would expect reg's on a rock of this size to be respectively larger, and not as uniform in size/spacing.

Also, if you look at the pict of the ground-window, there's a crack running through the rock there, and the crack is evident on the outer black portion.  If the black exterior was fusion crust, that crack would not be visible on the outside.  And if it were solid metal, it would not crack like that.

Therefore, from what we have here, I think you found a wicked meteorwrong, but it really needs to be looked at in person.

I'll try to get better pictures , I'll see if could  dig out my camera.  

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2 minutes ago, Fireball said:

I'll try to get better pictures , I'll see if could  dig out my camera.  

I don't think I think it complete metal it has micro flakes of metal. I'll work on pictures or make the window bigger.

Thank you. 

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