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super fine gold

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Hi Bill and Tammy,

   have been watching for a month or so and enjoy your video's and info , very informative for us new folks I have had no luck metal detecting but also run a dry washer 

had a tiny bit of specks so far but my last trip I had a bunch of flour gold and could not recover it by panning it out any suggestions on how to go about this? Keep up the 

great video's and will be watching thanks in advance for any insight, steve in kingman

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A drop or two of jet dry in water, you pan in will break the surface tension and let the gold sink to the bottom.  You can actually see the small stuff float on top of the water.


Classifying as small as you can also helps.  The smallest classifier I use is 100 mesh, and I’ve got 50 mesh, 20 mesh and all the way to 1/2 “.

Pan the like meshes.  So start with the largest mesh and pan what gets stuck in the screen.  Repeat the process by going to the next lowest mesh.  Finally, the flour gold will get in the minus 100 mesh.

I’ve also found the muddier the water, the less small gold you’ll find.  This is especially true when using the same water over and over again and its not just brown anymore but the consistency of chocolate milk.

Honestly, though that’s a lot of work.  I’ve spent hours getting the last of that flour gold and although it put a smile on my face to see it in the pan, when I put it on my scale and it did not even weigh the smallest amount my scale could read, .01 gram or 50 cents of gold, that was a lot of work.  There comes a point, except for fun, you can’t take each little piece out.


If you look up a “Miller Table” which is basically a small device with a slate/chalkboard/chalkboard paint surface that is really flat, and tilt it so the water goes down and add the cons a spoon at a time, that is a good recovery rate.  Just think how long it would take to go through a five gallon bucket a teaspoon at a time.

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If the fine gold is fairly clean mercury is the obvious solution. If the gold is dirty you can try different pre treatments. Nitric acid is usually effective but it depends on what the contaminating mineral is which determines what is most effective.

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