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Missing 411: The Hunted

Caliche Chris

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I stumbled across this show before bed the other night and within a few minutes I was hooked. Of course I found it the day before going camping to cut wood. Basically this guy investigates disappearances that all have certain similarities that make them fit the criteria for his investigation. These are all experienced hunters and outdoorsman who vanished without a trace, creepy stuff.  Not sure if this will interest anyone here but I really enjoyed the show and it is some pretty strange and creepy stuff he discusses.  The scene in the California mountains of the hunters audio recording is pretty chilling to me. Anyways hopefully someone will enjoy this show! 

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Hey thanks Chris, I enjoyed the show as well. I agree, the best part was the cowboys campsite in the Sierras. Those are some brave guys to continue going up there after knowing there is something else out there. The audio recordings were quite amazing and would scare the crap out of me if I was up there, not sure I would be hollering back! The disappearances are really weird too, did you notice a "cluster" on the map located in AZ. Looks like it may have been the Bradshaw's.

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