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I have a question regarding the non magnetic meteorites.

Does anyone know of an example or a name of such rocks ( pls exclude the glass type)

I have purchased a meteorite ( obviously a meteorite) with a great black fusion crust ( real fusion crust) but it doesn't attract magnet " thats why I purchased it".

So I want to see what meteorites are Fe=0-Ni=0

I don't mind reading long articles and old studies. Anything related to non magnetic meteorites would be helpful. 



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The idea is that non magnetic meteorites came from a differentiated body and not an asteroid.

So a non magnetic meteorite would have had to come from the moon or Mars, or the surface of some other differentiated body.

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Hi there, you may be thinking about carbonaceous chondrites. Here are a few,  

Some famous carbonaceous chondrites are: Allende, Murchison, Orgueil, Ivuna, Murray, Tagish Lake, Sutter's Mill and Winchcombe.



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We'd like to see some photos of your meteorite purchase so post them if you can.

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If I read it correctly, this paper gives the low down on susceptibility of the different meteorite types: https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2006/pdf/1485.pdf

It shows:

The three with the lowest susecptibility values and below 4 on the susceptibility chart are:




They are followed closely by (and are 3 or above on the chart):

SNC, (shergottite, nakhlite, and chassigny classes)



Then it is:


see chart



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Most achondrites are not attracted by a magnet as they do not contain free metal like chondrites.

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