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Can anybody please identify this for me?

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Well..since you posted it in the meteorite section I'm assuming you think it's a meteorite. It's not.

Looks like some type of sulphide and the one that comes to mind just based on the color is proustite..a silver sulphide. But I have my doubts.

Do a streak test. This determines the color of the specimens powder which aids in indentification.


You can also chip off a piece and use a hammer to reduce it to a powder. Smear it across a piece of white paper and let us know what color it is.

Then do a hardness test.


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I agree with Morlock that it’s not a meteorite. I don’t agree that it’s a sulphide of some sort. I think you’ve got a chunk of garnet schist there. 

of course identifying rocks and minerals from photos alone is extremely difficult, so either of us may be correct, or both of us may be wrong. 


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What you have posted looks similar to this rock I bought at a roadside mineral store in Colorado a few years ago unfortunately I don’t recall what they called it. It was not expensive I think I paid a few dollars for this piece that is perhaps 8” across at the widest point.24733524-97F8-4834-A4F0-0AA683FD5909.jpeg

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I believe the mineral I posted is Green Fuchsite with Red Garnet. There are some examples for sale on eBay, your piece looks particularly nice.

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17 hours ago, Skinny_Bob said:

Thank you everybody for responding. You answered my question. Thought it was something that fell from the sky as nothing around was similar....*Sigh*

Maybe some other day.

Curious minds would still like to know what it is. Have you done the hardness and streak tests? The location would be helpful as well.

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