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I Found A Cross

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I found a cross early this morning on a Southern California beach.  It weighs 21.9 grams.  It doesn't feel that heavy.  It is slightly magnetic to a super magnet but you can't pick it up.  It appears to have been made with a single pour.  There are a couple of flaws on the back and it may have been 'touched up' after the pour.  One end has a bit of corrosion and I get the impression of red staining (the camera makes it look more red) but also some green.  There is also some green corrosion on the end and maybe that goes along with the detecting number of 21 on the Nox 800 which means copper.  It has me puzzled as to fake, just hand made or old.  I don't know any of the symbols or patterns on the cross but it might follow to be an actual church cross as most of them I've found are made of lesser gold or no gold at all.  

What does anyone here think?




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Someone has told me it is an Ethiopian Christian silver cross but they must have held back on the silver!  haha  At least that is what an image search found when looking at the pattern on the front.

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On 3/22/2021 at 10:12 PM, mn90403 said:

I found out today that this cross is 75% copper.  The Nox was right.

I have a Nox 800 also. Was going to say a couple of things. The Nox is a good spot on detector with ID numbers. So trust what it tells you. Most everything I find that is old is made very well with detail spent on the making of a item. If you find any Quality Jewellery. It will have some kind of markings on it. I've found older rings that had [Sterling] written inside the ring. The item could have a number like 924- or 24 K on newer items. Better made items will be stamped with some kind of mark. Like it will have a  {cross - lion etc } or something on it along these lines for a makers mark. Your cross looks like it was made well and is thick to last. But to me. It looks more like it could be a hand made copy of a older cross. Like something of importance that one might copy for other family members to have. I think the bottom mark on the front of your cross is the symbol used by the Ethiopian religion. The cross has a look to it.  Looks like its been around and had a hard life. That look and the unfinished back makes me think someone made a copy of another cross with what they had for material. I have found at older home sites globs of melted metal. So back in the day. These people made what ever.  Only guessing and you never know. And if its a older cross. The spot you found it at might give you some more info about it. 

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This cross was found on a sandy beach in Santa Monica Bay.  It has the partial 'sense' of something hand made in Mexico but it is not with Spanish/Indian design.  I would guess now that it may have been a cross purchased in Ethiopia and brought here or it was made there and purchased by someone here.  I don't really get the impression it was wave/surf tossed for a number of years.  The 'eye' for the chain was packed with sand but it wasn't solid.  I cleaned it with just a bit of vinegar before I took the pictures.  I don't know how to continue to look back at the story of it.  Maybe I should go to an Ethiopian church site but there are so many other things to do like find more!  haha

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