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I joined this site back in 2010.  Things happen.  I haven't been on this site for years. Also had login in problems . So I joined again after losing my login info. I  posted that I was a member years ago. The staff must have read what I wrote and checked out what I said. They changed my membership date back to when I first Joined in 2010. It might be a small thing. But it says a lot the staff here. This was a great site years ago when I had my first gold machine.  I'm sure this site still has the great people here that makes this site what it is.  So I just wanted to remind the people here. The staff has your back and is still doing a great job on following up on posts. People just go about our business posting when ever we want. Starting over again on this site.  I need to learn about GOLD and the 5000 detector I'm hoping to find b-4 this spring. I'm 67 retired and only hunt beaches and woods 300 days a year. A gold detector would show my hard core followers what these detectors can do on this over detector built island. After 15 years detecting. It would reopen my old areas and keep me busy. I came back to this great site to find a detector and check off my last bucket list item.  Which is getting a 5000 detector and doing a weeks worth of gold hunting in this undiscovered area I found in Maine-New Hampshire. Good to be back. Frank

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