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Stop the wind from blowing

Bedrock Bob

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It has been blowing for three days. It has been bad but today wins the prize.

It is a sustained 40 mph wind with gusts up to about 60 mph. The sky is filled with dirt. Pea sized gravel is drifting like snow.

A lady at Wal Mart was getting into her car and her shirt tail came untucked. It blew the tramp stamp right off her backside. 

It's so windy if you open your mouth facing west your belly will fill with wind and you'll fart a dust cloud.

So I am circulating a petition to force the wind to stop blowing. I figure if I can get enough names we can take it to court or something. Protest. Take over the State Capitol and demand some freaking action. 

We have to stand up against this crap. This is ridiculous.


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14 hours ago, Dakota Slim said:

You are the one who is belly aching bob. Put up a couple windmills and be happy. 

Texas tried that. It diverted the wind to New Mex.  If he does it. AZ will be hard hit.

Have some compassion. Or keep eating beans:25r30wi: ...where's my  can of Goya?

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You two greenhorns need to learn a little respect and decorum.

Here in the Prospectors Lounge on some unimportant topic like this nobody is concerned about your childish posts. But on the prospecting and meteorite forums you are out of line trying to derail someone's attempt at a discussion simply because I am commenting.

You two have spent more time and effort in the last week trying to start trouble than you ever have trying to find a nugget. And that is just fine as long as you aren't on a post started by a real prospectors wanting to discuss real things.

But when you just can't control yourselves and start trashing posts started by men who actually spend time in the field you are way out of line.

I will wrestle with you two mental midgets all you want. I think it is a lot of fun and on topics like this no one really cares. But if you start your crap over on the other forums and try to derail someone else's conversation you are out of line.

Grow up guys. I know I have hurt your little jet propelled egos and you just can't stand it. But please try to get yourselves under control enough not to let it spill over into topics that you have no business commenting on.


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