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Fusion crust or desert varnish

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I spent a few days poking around the desert with the 7000 dodging a plague of hot rocks and hit a sweet signal on a hill top uncovering what I figured to be another chunk of desert varnished basalt on first impression? Dusting it off a little I wasn’t really sure just what it was so stuck it in my back pocket for a closer look later for if nothing else to better understand for next time. 

cleaning it up and looking closer, I’m really not sure? It’s about the size of a brownie and much too heavy for my 100g scale, it’s mildly magnetic, hard, dense, heavy, has no streak, easily takes a fine polish on fine grit stones, has what looks like a thin fusion crust, evidence of thermal shock and the exterior appears rounded/melted. I’ve looked through my books and past threads here and gone back and forth a dozen times of throw it in the pile or...?????

this shows the polished window


in this angle pictured together the polished window and natural fractured edges as found


and a few more close up pictures


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If it is slightly magnetic it has iron in it. All that is required is to find out what state that iron is in. It is either free metallic iron or it is in chemical form. If it is in chemical form it is terrestrial.

If it does not have free metallic iron and it is even slightly magnetic you don't have a meteorite. It should reveal a streak color or you should be able to see some metal flecks...one or the other. There is just no other way for a stone to be magnetic.

Keep looking for metal and/or streak. One or the other observation is errant.

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I'm no expert but I would have thrown that in the pile. Doesn't have most of the meteorite characteristics I'm familiar with. I can understand why you think it has potential though.

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OK, thanks everyone for taking a look and taking the time to comment. My initial inclination was to Chuck-it the fractures in the desert varnish were the thing that was confusing so I appreciate the more experienced eye on this rock.

I’ve been finding little typical Gold Basin specimens regularly  they are fairly easy to distinguish from the surrounding earthly neighbors because of the free visible metal visible creating a window, these are a few recent finds.


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