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Wished I knew what this is

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Looks black until you shine a light on it, then it looks shiny.  Hard as heck and heavy for its size. Strongly attracted to a magnet.  No streak when rubbed on the back of ceramic tile.   A definite crust on some faces of it.  A couple areas show a blueish tint like metal after being heated.   I found a bunch of shards within yards of this bigger piece.  Funny but some areas on the bigger piece look like they have melted and flowed.  On one end there looks to be melted material that has come out of a seam.  Have not seen anything else quite like this little piece of whatever.  Could it be man-made?  I ask that because overall it doesn't look like any meteorite I have ever seen.  It's only 4.2 grams, about and an inch by 3/8".  So not big that is why the pictures thru the low power scope.  I found someone with an xrf gun that said he would help me on some of my suspect stones but now I have to wait until my second shot and a couple weeks before I can go in his business.  





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Looks an awful lot like basanite. Basanite has a hardness of 7, which fits your specimen. Not sure if it ever attracts a magnet. Basalt can attract a magnet, and can be black, but only has a hardness of 6. 

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