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DIY CNC router kit- Maslow router

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Ive been wanting to CAD design and make some cabinetry and pull out shelves for the back of my truck, some wood signs, maybe a kayak and some other fun stuff with a CNC router, but the sizable ones for doing larger projects cost thousands, or so I thought.  I found this lower cost 8” x 4” sized CNC router kit called a Maslow CNC and just finished building it:


It uses two servo motors to pull the router around on the base board with chain, and it’s really precise.  There’s even a Z-Axis motor for automatic depth control on the router. I will be putting it to lots of uses soon...  uh- yes dear, after I finish those windows and paneling in my new worksho... er, I mean storage shed for your boxes! :inocent:

517105D0-F4DC-4FA3-AFA0-AC27EA4EBB1B.jpegThe router sled with the two servo driven chains that pull it into position on the easel.  The router has a depth adjusting servo on it too.


this is the brains for the motors- a Arduino driver board (green light) that runs from a small computer mounted to the back of the router easel.

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17 hours ago, fishing8046 said:

Man that is figuring it out. Do you have any production pictures or finished product?

I recently completed building it and so far I was using it on a basic student designed project with my 6th grade technology students who are currently just learning to use a CAD program:


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