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Does anyone know what kind of stone this is?

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It’s almost certainly calcite “onyx.” I’m about 90% sure it’s a type they call “silver lace onyx” from near Calico, CA.

The .925 stamped inside means the metal the ring is made from its sterling silver. 

Here’s a couple of pieces of silver lace that I personally collected and cut.

Edited to add: sorry the pic is blurry. It’s the only one I’ve got and I’m not at home to take another. These stones are a similar size to the one in your ring.


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Side note:

My great grandmother is the person that discovered and named silver lace onyx. It’s so named because it actually contains silver. 

Some pieces contain a red mineral called realgar. It’s an arsenic mineral and is poisonous. It’s safe in its current form, so long as you don’t lick it or expose it to acid. Here are a couple more pictures of stones I’ve cut.



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3 hours ago, agentscully10 said:


Can anyone tell me what this stone is? It is stamped with 925 inside the ring. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Frog rock:) ...His  her it's eyes follow you 

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