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Trying my camera out on a small stone

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This is more a test than anything.  I want to see what my old microscope with camera can do with new software.  I have a small (very small) rock in view that I would compare loosely to an Olivine Hypersthene.  Hope this is okay to do.  



olivine stone2.jpg


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think I might be on to something with the low power scope and camera.  If I don't zoom in so much to take the picture, then it can be made bigger later.  Anyway, I'm still playing with this software.  Here are a couple more pics of a possible iron that I did not zoom quite so much.  The piece is about 1/2" wide.





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I've used an old digital camera with a macro mode and taken photos thru my 30x loupe, it's not perfect but it works!  I always try to include scale in these photos especially, it helps with perspective.  For example, here are some Holbrook meteorite fragments I pulled out of an ant hill with a magnet.



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Haven't bought a loupe yet so I am still playing with the camera on my scope.  Here is front and back of a very small possible.  I tried making the pictures as close to actual color as I could get it.  Some patches of what I believe is fusion crust still on it as shown in first pic.  




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