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Osmium?? Strange bluish- gray silver rock

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I found this rock out in open land east of Central Mississippi. Its very heavy and shiny blue gray silver. When I went to cut it the water hitting my cutting box was dark almost black. I also noticed it didn't tarnish nor change after being wet. The small sample I show on the video was taken 5 days after cutting. Also where the sample  isnt smooth theres tiny little points and where its smooth you can see it sparkles. If anyone can help me id appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your help

Screenshot_20210201-084203_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20210201-084209_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20210201-084214_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20210201-084219_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20210201-084309_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20210201-084256_Video Player.jpg

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Was this rock found near Galena Mississippi? :rolleyes:

If it were Osmium you have now destroyed the worlds largest Osmium nugget! It is the rarest of the stable elements and is normally found as a trace element in Platinum group ores. (no that is not a Platinum nugget)

You would know if it was Osmium due to the incredible weight (1.2 times the SG of Gold) and is very dense, hard and brittle.

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