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Christmas Glock

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My son gave me this sweet little Glock 19 for Christmas. A nice Bianchi holster and a bucket full of mags too. 


I only had a few rounds for it and couldn't find any factory ammo on the shelves. So I ordered a few plated bullets and scavenged a bunch of brass.

You cant buy small pistol primers but I have thousands of small rifle primers. They seem to work just peachy. I traded a buddy for a nice set of dies and found a pound of Red Dot that I have had laying around for 30 years.

I worked up a load for it over the last week. After 150 rounds I got my load just right and my process down. I have a couple hundred rounds loaded up and a couple thousand projectiles on the bench. So I should have plenty of ammo for a while.

It shoots a little low and left but I am getting used to it. Im considering an adjustable sight but I'm not sure I really need it.

I think it will be a great bottle smasher. It's quick and fairly accurate out to 20 yards or so. And that 15 round mag is cool. You can really make a lot of glass fly on one mag. 

My first Glock blew up due to an out of spec handload (not my handloads). I posted photos and a story here a few years back. After that I really didnt like to shoot an auto pistol. But I seem to have outgrown that.

I have learned a lot about auto loader case geometry since then and I am super careful with my reloading. It only takes one mistake with these little pistol rounds to blow your stuff up.

The Glock does not fit my hand or point as slick as my big revolvers but it does have its advantages. I'm looking forward to learning how to shoot it and load for it.


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