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LR2000 closing down this Thursday


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Heads up. if you have research to do involving the BLM LR2000 you will need to do that before Thursday of this week.

The BLM is saying they are going to close down the mining claims portion of the LR2000 this coming Thursday the 21st. The MLRS replacement for the LR2000 mining claims reporting system is supposed to go live on Monday the 25th on another website.

The mining claims payment portal was closed down last Friday the 15th. You can't make a mining claim payment for 10 days until the 25th. If you mail in a payment it won't be processed until the 25th.

Land Matters has adjusted and adapted to two previous makeovers of the LR2000. In both those instances there was an overlap of several days of the old and new systems. That was to ensure there was no gap in service. Now there is a planned gap in service of several days announced just a day before they began shutting down their payment and reporting services.

The BLM is usually pretty informative about these changes and provide ample time and documentation for users to prepare. This time there is no documentation or preparation time. We have viewed the MLRS sample system from October of 2020. Lets hope they have modified and improved on it since then.

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Apparently through some administrative glitch, around 15% of the 400,000 active mining claims in the 19 states accepting claims have move from active to filed.  For as long as six years, the BLM has not been filing them correctly.  I got this off the AMRA Facebook page.


I could not copy and paste the post, but put a picture of it here.DAB375CF-3403-4975-9738-565AE77D726E.png


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In the old LR200 system a claim was classed as ACTIVE, CLOSED or PENDING. There was no FILED class. We have recently received an explanation of the meaning of FILED from the BLM MLRS staff. Here's the explanation Land Matters received from the BLM National Operations Center last week.


"Formerly, when a case was PENDING, it meant that the case was entered to LR2000 with only the information that the filing of the new claim or site had been received.  No other data had yet been entered.  In MLRS, PENDING is no longer used and the initial case disposition after payment has been submitted is FILED.  The case stays in a FILED status until adjudication of the filed claim or site has been completed.  For those claims and sites that were previously reported as ACTIVE and have are now in a FILED case disposition, those cases are either missing the Land Status Check and need further adjudication or in general need further adjudication to be moved forward to an ACTIVE status."

The inclusion of the new FILED status in many mining claim case files means that the BLM has taken no action on a mining claim after receiving a notice of location. When the BLM receives a location notice they are supposed to check that the required information is included in the location notice and the claim is located on public lands open to location (not private land or lands closed to mining claims). Once that is done the mining claim case file will be marked as ACTIVE.
We have been investigating the implications of this new FILED claim status and it's been rather revealing as to the efficiency and timeliness of each state's BLM claims processing. The differences between different state's priorities in processing new mining claim locations is surprising in several instances. We've run some rough numbers to illustrate these differences between states. What's presented here are the approximate percentage of mining claims case filed per state that have not been processed by the BLM beyond acknowledging the receipt of a notice.

4% - Arizona
53% - California
20% - Colorado

10% - Idaho
1% - Montana and South Dakota*
1% - New Mexico
6% - Nevada
3% - Oregon and Washington*
14% - Utah
9% - Wyoming
* These States are administered as a single unit by the BLM.

There are significant differences in how each state prioritizes their mining claims case entry work. California stands out due to more than half the mining claims case files never having been adjudicated to ACTIVE status in the case file system. These numbers are not absolute but they are a reasonable indication of mining claim case status work. As Land Matters develops the new MLRS database we should be able to use this new category to present these case action timelines by year and date.

We would like to point out that, in our experience, the BLM National Operations Center (BLM NOC) has many talented and devoted people on their staff. Often these problems with public data access can be traced to poorly designed or implemented systems provided by third parties. The BLM NOC has a history of successfully solving these problems as they encounter them. We look forward to continuing our work with the BLM NOC staff to resolve these issues so we can bring our users current and accurate up to date information.



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