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old MRDS records REMOVED???


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I just want to know WHY they removed a bunch of mine site from their data?!!!

I have mines and prospects tagged that are no longer showing up in the MRDS, cannot even search them by name through google, with the exception of results from Diggings and MyLandMatters, but nada from MRDS ... totally blows ... 

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May br data was lost when(if) some sort of data storage upgrade or transfer  was done.

Have you asked them why data is missing?

How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go? I have a red pill and a blue pill...:89:

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5 hours ago, Stillweaver hillbelli said:

It goes much deeper than that, over seas, behind great walls and state monarchies.:hide:

LOL funny you mention "... over seas, behind great walls..."


there's a chinese  dude who's gobbling up old claims at a record pace, as soon as it falls off he's got it ... usually follows old AU claims, even if they're not "really" AU sites, even sites that aren't known producers ... 

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Electrician—I have not checked to see if these have disappeared.  Here’s a couple of things I’ve noticed from other publicly available govt records.


When the BLM upgraded their website, a lot of the older records disappeared, but most I looked for reappeared after they fixed it.  Some though, like the travel management plan for the Hassunyumpa (BLM Roadmap by WIckenburg), never reappeared and have disappeared from Google.  I suppose among the millions of records and entries the BLN maintain public ally, some disappeared from the database during this server upgrade.


The USGS made their maps a lot simpler in the recent releases by removing some things.  I don’t find prospects, mines, open pits, mine tunnels, audits etc on any of the new maps.  Often times the dirt roads are not dotted lines any more but appear on these maps as paved roads.  Why the USGS did this, I don’t know whether its to allow making maps easier by leaving off data, or whether its to hide mining data to protect the environment.  I suspect that its not a nefarious plot against us, but a money solving effort to make mapping easier to where every time someone digs with a backhoe in an area, this digging is not catalogued and added to the map and database.


Not knowing the agency that maintains this, My guess is it either disappeared because of a database upgrade.  This data could have been pulled because it is wildly inaccurate by today’s standards.  I know in a separate post you mentioned 1/4 of a mile to 1/2 a mile off, but a lot I’ve looked for are much further off.


You could ways reach out to the agency.  Different agency, but The BLM has always responded to my questions when I called.  It was difficult to find the number, and they did not always answer correctly, but that’s a different story.

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We sponsor the whole MRDS database directly on the Land Matters servers. Nothing is missing from there. :rolleyes:

If you are trying to view the whole MRDS in Google Earth you can expect it to fail. The USGS discourages attempts to display the whole MRDS with Google and suggests you download and use only smaller areas.



That's one possibility. The other is that you suckered for the "new" MRDS map on the USGS website. The "New" map only shows selected features. Not sure who selected them but it's obviously not what you are looking for.


Here's the old MRDS USGS map with all the mines:



And here's the new/improved MRDS USGS map with limited mine features:


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