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gold wiz gold spinner 4 sale


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heres a simple unit i build i call the gold wiz gold spinner its a very simple & efficient unit to use on your quest for gold quiet 12 volt power , self cleaning, runs dry or wet With a 12 volt bilge pump (not included) low dust.. perfect for sampling or not working to hard all day,,you can run all day & at the end you will have a gold pan of concentrate to deal with. based on gravity & a cement mixer principle gold being heavy will work its way down in the bowl while all the lighter materials will work there way out of the bowl. Even large stones will work there way out.. we recommend you shovel ½ a # 2 shovel every 6 seconds into the bowl to give the material time to sort . Don’t try to slam dirt into it let it work. You can processes a great amount of material with the unit ..

im getting $250 for these sorry cant ship but you can pick them up in the kingman az area



feel free to give me a ring for more info 928/715/5324

thanks for looking



gold wiz spinner 1.jpg

gold wiz spinner 2.jpg

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Can you share the amperage of the motor?  Seems like anything that size spinning that qiuick with a coupe shovels of dirts would go through a car battery pretty quick.  

Also, how about a pic of some cleanups, or even a video of a few pieces of lead shot or BBs mixed in to test the recovery rate.

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I’d say for the time spent building it the price is more than fair.

 To me it looks as if it will do the job intended for.

 Do you know the weight of the unit as the picture shows but without the battery?

 People like you thinking of ways to make our work in the field easy getting that yellow metal is what we need more of.

 I Thank You 


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