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How to get started in Northern CA?

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Hi everyone!

I live in Northern CA in the Bay Area, close enough to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to go nugget hunting on a day or weekend trip. I'm totally new but have wanted to go hunting for nuggets with a metal detector forever! I'd like to go hunting somewhere east of Sacramento as far south as Angle's Camp or as far north as Auburn, roughly within that area as it is most likely the easiest for me to get to.

My main question is about where I can go to get started that is both a good place to potentially find some nuggets and also be totally legal in doing so. I really want to stay off private property, claims, or any state land where they don't allow this. I also need to drive up and back 2.5hrs, so having an exact location to go initially would be very helpful.

I also don't know anything yet about using a metal detector, but I'm sure I'll learn, been watching tons of youtube videos and whatnot. My initially worry is more about making sure I go to the right place and stay off private property, claims, etc.

Are their any locals who can help me out with some advise, location ideas, or anything else?

Thank you so much!


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I would suggest that you join the GPAA I know they have claims around there even if only for a month. You can use their data base on line research the locations of their claims and jump right in.  

I hope this helps

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On 1/2/2021 at 3:44 PM, NorCalTreasureHunter said:

, so having an exact location to go initially would be very helpful.


I know this feller with a map that has an X on it .  He might part with it  , iffn ye can comeup with a grubstake fer im.:)

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