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My be a Chondrite.

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Is that polyester or nylon fur in the background?

It looks very luxurious.

The item looks like a metal artifact to me.

Chondrite have chondrules in a matrix. The window looks to be entirely metallic or sub metallic. I can't tell from the photo but it appears to be solid metal.

What color were the cuttings when you ground the window? Does it look like steel or is it darker grey and not quite as shiny as ground steel?

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2 hours ago, hardtimehermit said:

I think maybe polyester, either way very cozy and warm looking on Christmas morning. I don't see what looks like a chondrite, where did you find your rock, does it attract a magnet?  

Yes it attract magnet.  I found it at the foot hills  in Arizona  3 days ago

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Hey everybody Merry Christmas. This is Fireballs girlfriend and he just showed me a picture of that rock on my clean, super soft, white blanket! He took the picture then wrapped it. I just got it for Christmas. My new name is Miss Chillyballs!! Merry Christmas and God bless.

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