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Please help ID found near Needle Point, Brewster County, Texas


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It's somewhere between quartz and jasper. The crystals look pretty big for jasper but it is obviously banding and flowing like a jasper.

It is a form of silicon dioxide that formed under some pressure and not at the surface. It is not microcrystalline like a jasper but it looks like it is close.

I call rocks like that quartzite. But that may not be the best description for that particular form of silicate rock. 



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This could be so many things. It’s too hard to tell exactly what it is from just pictures. 

I think Bob may be on to something with the quartzite. It does have the appearance of quartzite, which is a metamorphosed quartz sandstone. 

It also looks like it could be a fairly grainy chert. 

It could be a number of other things with staining from chemical weathering.

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