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2- Minelab 12- Volt Batteries Not Working, Parts Only.


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I Have these 2 batteries for the gpx series detectors. One was my old one and it stopped working, not sure why. I thought maybe the headphone jack was faulty so i took out the 4 screws and was going to replace the jack. I never did it but I did cut the 3 colored wires connected to the jack.  #2 I bought form a forum member for 250 bucks, but when I received it I tried it out and went faulty after on days use. #2 Charges fully, the charging lights go to full green, but when I hook it to my gpx and switch  it on all it does is squeal...so maybe an amp is out, not sure. I am no electronic whizz by far..but do know some members are and maybe you can use one to fix the other...not sure.  


100 bucks plus shipping.


lithium battery 12 volt.jpg


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On 12/12/2020 at 1:34 PM, Mike C... said:

are you sure the batteries are the issue ??? Ill offer you $50 shipped for the 2 :200:

Hi Mike, I am not really sure whats wrong with them, maybe an easy fix, maybe not. But with the 2 I am sure anyone with some electronic sense would make one work. The one I bought from a memberis charged full and green light is on. But when I switch  it on on my 4500 ML it makes the headphones squeal. 

Not sure where you live , but shipping maybe a bit more do to the weight of the batteries. I would do 75.00. 


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