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What you buying for that buddy of yours that is a Nugget Shooter?


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You know another name for Nugget Shooter?  I mean besides Bill Southern.

I mean what do you call guys and gals that like to spend all their time investigating those darn elusive nuggets and trying to sneak up on them?

Dem dere people be called "Nugget Stalkers®"

So for that Nugget Stalker in your life here's a perfect Christmas present.

The Nugget Stalker®  Hat.  Now when someone comes up to you and asks "Wat ya'll doing with that swingy stick son?"  You can just point at your hat.

Nugget Stalker® and the little stick figure of the Detecting Man are Federally Registered Trademarks in both the United States and Australia.

Get yours today from Bill or you can email Doc at docsdetecting@gmail.com and let me know you saw it on Bill's forum so he will get credit for it.

Price is $10, plus shipping First Class Mail.


Nugget Stalker Hat 2.jpg

Nugget Stalker Hat 1.jpg

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