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There are lots of telescopes at the thrift store. I see them all the time.

The reflector type with the big mirror are my favorite. But the refractory type will work pretty good too. The big fat mirror telescopes give you a steadier image and seem a lot clearer. But a refractor with good quality lenses is pretty good.

I bought a nice one with an 8" mirror for 25 bucks at the thrift store a couple years ago. It was like new and is wicked powerful. It had a vernier tracking device with a motor and everything. Even a little screen instead of an eyepiece. A couple of people could watch the screen rather than one peering through the eyepiece. 

I gave it to a buddy that mounted a digital camera on it. He takes cool photos with it. The darn thing is super steady and crystal clear. And it is easy to keep the image centered with the adjustment handles.

I don't remember the brand. 

My spotting scope is 20x and is easier to handle than most lens type telescopes. Less distortion around the edges and clearer. But the mirror telescope was just crystal clear and a real joy to use. Cheap too. I think you can build your own reflector telescope for just a few bucks around a quality mirror.

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