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Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Mike C...

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Hope everyone is abiding by the covid laws set into place-no more tha 6 I meen 8 I meen 10 direct family members depending where your at and make sure you cover your face between bites or no more than 2 hours outside only-Dont drink and make sure your all locked up before curfew :nutty:-Dont be to loud because some states are wanting neighbors to snitch on each other-Bottom line Dont have any fun :arrowheadsmiley:-What a bunch of BS :nono: Anyway everyone try and have a good T-Day despite the political BS boorb

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There are no covid laws, just common sense suggestions.  Whether or not people want to continue to make it a political thing is up to them.  The virus doesn't care who you voted for.

Happy Thanksgiving!!  :oregonian_winesmiley:

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