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Man Becomes Overnight Millionaire After Meteorite Crashes Through His Roof

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Hutagalung, who was across the street at the time of the incident, said, "I was working on a coffin near the street in front of my house when I heard a booming sound that made my house shake. It was as if a tree had fallen on us."

Hutagalung continued: "It was too hot to pick up, so my wife dug it out with a hoe, and we took it inside."


Gotta love the Philippines. This was probably just down the road from the giant gold nuggets being found stuck in basalt.


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It was most likely freezing cold.  If the body expects something to be very hot, it will feel very hot.  You can make someone think they are being burned with an ice cube.

And where are they getting the valuation of that rock?  There's no way in hell he's a millionaire in US currency from that.  These news people find the most expensive meteorite they can and then apply that price to every single meteorite that makes the news.

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Kolang        1°53’18.8"N, 98°39’39.6"E

Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Fall: 1 Aug 2020

Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (CM1/2)

History: (M. Farmer, Arizona) Around 4 pm local time (9 am UTC) on 1 August 2020, residents in northwest Sumatra (Central Tapanuli Regency) heard loud booming sounds that shook their houses. A single stone weighing ~2100 g went through the roof of a house in Kolang at 1°53’18.8"N 98°39’39.6"E (Satahi Nauli, Kolang, Central Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia) and embedded itself into the soil beside the house. Another stone impacted in a rice paddy about 2.2 km south of the main mass. Two more stones were found ~7.8 km to the SE (around 1°49’50.22"N 98°41’51.22"E). Michael Farmer initially acquired 266 g, which includes fragments from the main mass and the rice paddy stone. This material was used for the classification.

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On 11/20/2020 at 9:36 PM, Bedrock Bob said:

It is obviously worth many millions of dollars more than what Hutagalung was paid. It is fraud. An attempt by meteorite dealers to steal the meteorite from Hutagalung. I demand a recount.

Just a marketing strategy for the meteorite dealers, For such 'juicy' headline to appear, in the media, you just pay money that is it, and the editor craft such an appealing words for the specific purpose he intends.

Na wagotea wote!  Billpeters.

Bob, soon coming jimale enterprises, ingredients out of stock.

Reason: covid19

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