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Devices to prospect natural gold ore

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Dear friends,

I am interested in prospecting natural gold ore in Brazil. I have seen many sites offering devices to identify natural gold. I don't know much about this activity. Anyone could me give a hint what is the best device to identify, mapping and measure the size of the gold ore, if this is realy possible of doing? 

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There is no single device which can indentify, map and measure gold ore. Simply can't be done and I wouldn't even try to looking for a device like that. There are a lot of websites that claim they have such a device but they are all frauds. Just don't believe everything you read. A lot of people will gladly take your money selling worthless electronic junk.

It'll take lots of painstaking work and money to find, map and measure a potential gold deposit.

If you want to find gold, buy a metal detector and look for gold nuggets. That's going be your cheapest option.


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I recommend Chris Ralph’s “Fistful of Gold” book.  It may not be the best title to make you think its legitimate, but it basically comes down to hard work and finding the correct way for your area.

Before you even decide on the metal detector, I would find out if the areas you plan on going to have gold at all, and how it is recovered.  I’m sure there’s plenty of targets anywhere you bring the metal detector, but most areas will just be junk and not gold.

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