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exogenic fulgurite?


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On 11/9/2020 at 5:41 PM, Mila said:



I bought this rock as an exogenic fulgurite. It does look as an exogenic fulgurite, but is it?

I mean could it be a manmade?





I have a large collection of regular underground fulgurite and aboveground exogenic fulgurite. Most likely the largest collection in the world. Over 9,000 pieces in total. All of it was recovered from one large lightning strike, that took me five days to gather and dig up. Some of the underground arms stretch out over 9 feet in length from the central base of the strike. The above ground glossy pieces where numerous and strewn about around the area within a 20 foot diameter circle. The largest piece, (an underground one) weighed in at 5.25 pounds. Others ranged in weight all the way down to glass beads the size of bb's. This certainly looks as though it is a genuine exogenic piece.

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