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My son's muzzleloader buck

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My son got a nice buck this afternoon. We just got off the mountain a few minutes ago.




Desert Mule deer with a muzzleloader. About a 75 yard shot.

In the past 3 days we have seen 40 deer and 80 javelina. 6 bucks but they were all pretty small. This guy didn't have a huge rack but he is darn sure not tiny either.

Im glad he decided to shoot him because im about worn out. We have put in a lot of miles in some mighty big country. I am sore in places I didn't even know I had. 

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There you go!! Nice buck for sure. Great job.

My daughter got hers today also. Finally, its been a tough year.

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There are just LOTS of deer down here this year. They are everywhere. But the horns are smaller than usual. 

They all seem super healthy and happy. There wasn't a tick on this guy. And he had 2 inches of fat on his rump. But most of the bucks we saw were "slicks" with twisted little twigs for horns.  You hardly ever see that around here. Once in a blue moon. But some factor was certainly affecting horn development. 

There were more javelina than ever. A few years ago javelina didn't even exist here. But now there are groups everywhere. They are really multiplying despite heavy poaching pressure. It seems where they have the most predation the numbers are high. 

We used to see groups of 5-8 animals. This year we saw groups of 15-20 animals. Lots of mature sows and lots of teenagers not quite fully grown. 

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