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Guess how heavy this pumpkin is


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It's called Wyatt's Wonder / Renee's Garden seeds. Planted almost 4 months ago.

Guess the weight .( I am cutting it off the vine 2m0r0)

Closest  guess w/o going over wins a new :ya:



I could send some seeds:) snail mail after cleaning and drying down.



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15 minutes ago, Au Seeker said:

36 lbs

Did you notice the floor mat it is sitting on or the two builder squares on top-acting as a caliper?

You alone, Mr Seeker, may revise your guess since  I have offerred up some clues.

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Note:  since I dropped the ball on starting this thread ( should have started around Independence Day when seed planted), I will consider suggestions on it's ending.

Of course, the obvious choice is midnight,  10/31   but 420 km WSW  (of Rich Hill, AZ) we're under DST rules.

So,  midnight goes supernova and regresses to 11pm, here.

The number of entries should factor in to when I call it.

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2 hours ago, Sonoran Dave said:

Nice! That a whole lot of pie...

I suppose, but pie pumpkins are  little, so I have read, like 6-8" dia.

I'm sure it's edible, but only a jigsaw and recip saw will be eating it.

Then it will go into my blackhole of a compost pile.

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7 minutes ago, Dakota Slim said:

14.5 pounds

Minimum is 20 pounds, try again.

17 minutes ago, Au Seeker said:

Cyclops is not showing 

Grrr, I know, the first pic was so easy, now, not so much.

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1 hour ago, clay said:

Troy pounds?

I'll stick with the 98 cents - or should I round up to a dollar?

Thanks for sharing your pumpkin. Looks like a nice, healthy, plump, non political 98 cent pumpkin. :thumbsupanim

Pounds your bathroom scale measures...

:arrowheadsmiley:Orange Pumpkin Good:89:

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The circumference is about 72 inches. That would make a pumpkin of about 101 lbs when plump which equals 98 cents - exactly. :old:

Lucky for all the other guesses I'm going to have to recuse myself because I have a degree in pumpkin sizing. :4chsmu1:

Please carry on. This is amusing for all us pumpkin professionals. :th_coffeescreen:

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