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GPX-5000 vs Equinox 800 on Fine Gold

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So I recently bought a GPX-5000 to see if it would help find some fine gold and less hot rocks. It definitely helps with the hot rocks, but no matter what combination of settings, I never seem to be able to get it to pick up the really fine gold (my “qualifying” test nugget is less than 0.1gram (1.5grains) of some of the local “spongy” gold). I’ve tried the small mono, the 10” DD, and all seem to have the same issue. Really wanted to the GPX to prove its worth here, but I cant get it to really out-do the Nox, except for the fact that it mostly ignores hot rocks. Then I was thinking that more mineralized ground prob is just a lot of really fine metalic particles, so maybe that’s just how it works. Talked to a few minelab reps, and they all just say PI’s arnt for very fine gold, which I’m willing to accept, but thought I’d post it here for some feedback as well. Been using both for a while, and obviously the Nox is a lot easier to tune to pick up the fine gold here (I usually hunt in NM and AZ). Posted a video on it, but just get these Aussie trolls. Anways, just wanted to see if others had the same experience, again, specifically between the Nox and GPX on fine gold. (Larger than 1.5 grains, there’s no issue, but below that is where it seems to fade fast on the GPX). 



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If you want to find tiny nugs with a PI detector, you should check out the SDC.

The Nox or any other VLF will generally be better on the small stuff.  Especially when depth is not an issue.  PI detectors are generally for larger, deeper targets.

It didn't sound like you had your 5000 noise cancelled properly.  Sounded noisy to me and that EMI interference will kill performance.

The 'Fine Gold' setting on the GPX is a timing used for highly mineralized ground.  It is a filter of sorts and reduces potential depth in order to handle hot ground better.

My suggestion is to put on the 11" mono commander.  Turn off the iron reject.  Run the machine at the default settings and try the Special Extra timing.

If you're looking for tiny gold with the GPX, you'll have to slow your swing and massage the ground a little.  Don't swing it like the Nox.

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