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Any idea????

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Mmm... let me share, my first post here a meteorite I found metal detecting  an iron nickel,  perfect to my eye I could see obviously the melt pattern developed hurling through the atmosphere...no doubt about it.

proudly posting here to find its secrets I asked the question, is this... Mike was first to respond, sorry looks nothing like a meteorite, in disbelief I took my prize in to a shop and had it XRF tested... exact match for metal used in the manufacture for military explosives, no doubt terrestrial. He’s right and if you read enough of the threads he’s right a lot. Take the good advise or drop a couple coins and have it tested... all part of learning

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It's absolutely not a meteorite. It is slag. Slag is not steel, but leftover remelted refuse. It is quite common and dumped everywhere.


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