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Petrified wood?

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It is petrified wood. Don't think it has much value other than being a cool find. Valuable petrified wood has a lot of colorful agate that replaced the wood and is hard enough to polish. Wood also can show the original grain and tree rings. You may find some like that if you keep looking in that area.

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It has the look of pet wood but I won’t say for certain that’s what it is. The photos are unclear when zoomed in, so details are lost. Plus, it’s very difficult to identify stuff from photos to begin with.

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Looks like petrified wood to me.

It is not valuable. Pretty common stuff. Unless they are really big and show branches or thorns it is pretty much worthless. Sometimes you will find stuff with brilliant colors and nice patterns that might be worth something. 

The biggest collection of petrified wood in the world is in Las Cruces New Mexico at the Zuhl Museum at New Mexico State University. They have polished chunks as big as Volkswagens and slabs polished as big as king sized beds. Some are bright red and blue phases that are pretty rare. 



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16 hours ago, Celuke13 said:

Found in North Texas creek. Valuable? Or what is it?



If you know someone that has a rock saw and polishing equipment you might want to have it slabbed and polished. They can turn out great and be worth something or it could be a dud...

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