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Woo, lets stop right here with the Tektite idea.  Tektites are glass formed by the melting of terrestrial rock during the initial stages of an impact crater formation.  They are black and glassy because they are glass, similar to obsidian.  None, to very minor amounts of iron are in Tektites.  I'm no expert on impact craters but your "Tektite" pictures look nothing like the samples I have seen in privet and academic collections.

Terrestrial astro blems, as impact sites are know, are so rare  that to find anything created by such an event is highly improbable.  That is unless your on the moon, then it is everywhere.

The other posters are correct, the sample under discussion has a think rind of goethite or limonite.  The underlying mineral must have iron in it.  Looking at the shapes on the outside of the sample eliminates hematite, wrong crystal form. 

I still assert that it is a cluster of iron bearing almandine garnets.  My baseball/Softball size almandine garnets from N GA, came out of the ground looking like the sample.  Only with a lot of scrubbing and soaking in oxalic acid did they look like almandine garnets.

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