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Is this magnetite or meteorite?

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It looks like hematite to me. The surface texture is a dead ringer for hematite.

A simple streak test is all it takes to answer your question.

Meteoritic iron is metallic. Terrestrial iron is mineral. You can eliminate 99% of "meteor wrongs" by learning this one simple observation.


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Welcome to the forum raising,

Your rock is standard basalt extremely common and found everywhere in Arizona.  You need to explore more about meteorites and what they look like and their texture. You should visit the ASU meteoritical center. They should be open now.


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8 hours ago, RaisingArizona said:

Ok thanks. I file off a piece onto something & I'm looking for brown?

You are looking for the streak color and at the internal matrix.

The streak color will reveal the mineral state of the iron and a look at the matrix determines if it is metallic (free metallic iron) or sub-metallic (mineral).

A streak with grey hues (black to light grey) indicates magnetite. A streak with red hues (red to dark brown) indicates hematite.

All terrestrial iron is mineralized. All meteoritic iron is free metallic iron. It is super easy to tell the difference with just a few strokes using an abrasive. If it is lmineralized the streak color will reveal the type of iron. That determines whether the mineral is classified as hematite or magnetite.

It could be basalt. But it does not look like it to me. It looks like a chunk of hematite. Basalt will streak in greys and browns too and may even be magnetic. But it is never sub-metallic. So between the window and the streak this specimen can be easily identified.

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Get yourself a meteorite or 2 , small stones are fine you dont have to buy something big or expensive.
Have these pieces get used to what they generally look like detect over them get to know the sounds in comparison to other target types of sounds.
You will notice 1st the meteorite will be a SOLID MELLOW sound not like country rocks of various types.
GOLD will do the same, produce a mellow solid sound much different than other metals and rock.
Lots of the members here will sell small pieces and ebay they can be had also.

Hapy Huntn.

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