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Please forgive me, I'm completely green. I ran the GM1000 detector over what appears to be some crystallized rocks that were surrounded by basalt. The detector made a very weird echo sound & would start high & fade away. I've heard the typical siren sound it makes sometimes as if there's an error or too much iron around the target, but this sound is completely different & would only sound off like this in this tone over these crystallized rocks. I've only had this machine for a few weeks & it didn't come with much instruction. I don't really know what to search for as far as the noise its making & why. Can anyone here explain to me what's going on? It's a very distinctive high pitch echo that fades away when going over these rocks. Perhaps a user error?

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Perhaps overload sound. What is the LCD screen saying? If it is overloading it will say error. Some rocks will have gold in them such as types of mud stone. Also granodiorite can host gold trapped inside, and it is crystalline.

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