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2 minutes ago, Morlock said:

Well..,it's definitely not a meteorite. Put some warm vinegar on it. If it fizzes, it's limestone or calcite. It'll be a slow fizz so you'll have to watch it for it.




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1 hour ago, Shield said:

Im curious about this also.  It doesnt look like other Kimberlite rocks we have.  






Looks like either quartz or calcite. The vinegar test will help indentify it.

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First one could be a carbonate rock or maybe even a quartzite, tough to say unless you can do the test Morlock suggested. Though a hardness (scratch) test would also be a good idea especially on the large protruding mineral as well as the general surface.


Second one looks more like quartz to me than Fluorite and a hardness test will be an easy way to determine that. A steel knife will scratch Fluorite but not Quartz.

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