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Always check your "hot rocks".

Sonoran Dave

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Back when I was a newb, I used to toss these aside if I didn't see gold. I hunt an area famous for stringer veinlets and I wonder how many auriferous specimens I released back into the wild in those early days? :snapoutofit:

This particular specimen hit hard on the GB2 and showed nothing but stained quartz. A crack of my hammer revealed the hidden beauty.

Keep your eyes open... 




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Thanks.  I'll keep my eyes open.

I don't think I've found but a couple of quartz rocks like that which were hot.  One was out by the LSD, but that got tossed back. 

Got a project I'm working on that will keep me home a couple of weeks, and what you show is motivation to get out once this project is done.

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Yeah...  this season I've busted open maybe 12-15 small (sounded like hot) rocks and picked out the small flake nuggie inside. Makes me wonder how many I tossed in my first 2 seasons.....

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23 hours ago, mn90403 said:

A 'hot rock' is quite different than HOT QUARTZ!

That's exactly why I said "rocks" and NOT quartz....

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