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I have been a big fan of Leupold Scopes all my life. You just can't buy much better glass for a hunting rifle unless you pay thousands. And even then it is not much better.

I have had a little 1.5 x 4 scope on my muzzleloader for about 10 years. I love it. It is a tiny tube with a 1" objective. It looks like a .22 scope but has a monster field of view. Just the right magnification for a short range gun. 

I liked it so much I mounted a Leupold Mark AR on my Colt M4 rifle. It is exactly the same scope with a Mil Dot reticle. It is probably the finest scope for tactical purposes. Every bit as good as a Trijicon with a lot less complicated reticle.

A couple weeks ago I was cleaning my muzzleloader on my cluttered work bench. The rifle fell on the concrete floor right on the scope. It bent that sucker like a banana. Completely ruined it. 

I picked up my rifle like an injured baby and set it on the table. Picked up my cell phone and went to the Leupold website. Within one minute I had a repair number. Within an hour it was on a truck to Leupold.

I got it back today. They put my old reticle in a brand new 1 x 4 VX tube with the new style erector. No charge. 

I mounted it and zeroed it in three shots. It is perfect. You just can't beat a warranty and service like that!

The new scopes have a standard duplex crosshair. They are about $200 bucks for the 1". $350 for the 30mm.

For anyone that wants a high quality hunting scope for a super reasonable price I would highly recommend the VX Freedom. The glass is equal to a Zeiss at about 1/10th the cost. And if you wreck it they replace it pronto at no cost. 


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I love the two I have one is a 3x9 rimfire Mounted on an old lever action from the 1950’s (the scope is new) and the others a 4x12 on top a CZ452 the glass is crystal clear and they have really good eye relief, they ain’t cheep though. More budget friendly, Ive got a vortex strike eagle 1x6 with illuminated red reticle that’s a lot less money and although not as good of glass I like the one I have, but hard to beat Leupold they’re great.

Really nice to read your story on the great customer service and nice set-up that’s a beautiful rifle.

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Hey Art!

The Leupold Vari-X scopes are spendy. I have one that I bought 35 years ago but now days I go with the less expensive models. 

I have a Leupold Rifleman 4 x 12 on my go-to centerfield hunting rifle. It is a less expensive model (about $235 I think) but it is an excellent scope. I broke it in a fall about 5 years ago and it was replaced no charge.

So the cheaper Leupolds are worthy scopes with a great warranty too. I think they are a good value.

I have a Vortex Viper 6 x 20 50mm on my varmint gun. That is a sweet scope. It was a bit less expensive than the Leupold and I was holding it in my hand. So I bought it.

I have a big sun shade on it and the Vortex flip up caps which are the best I have ever used. 

They have a great replacement guarantee and the glass is good too. They are clear about this being a Chinese import but they stand behind the quality. All their products that I have seen are excellent.

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That Leupold rifleman or the Freedom is a great choice. I like a little more magnification for deer and elk but for pigs the smaller scope is groovy. For a vehicle gun, fast shots at moving targets and within 150 yards the Freedom is perfect.

The size makes the little Freedom scope a big bonus. It is tough, small and easy to handle. It does not require high mounts so you can get it nice and low on the rifle. It makes the gun sleek and you get a nice cheek weld. 

The larger objective scopes are more expensive. I guess they might collect more light in low light situations. 

My son has a Nikkon on his hunting rifle and it is as good as the Leupold. About the same price. And the Vortex on his muzzle loader is every bit as good and a few bucks less. I don't think a guy cam go wrong with any of them. With Nikkon and Leupold you can buy the top line and pay $400 bucks or more. But the second tier scopes are fine equipment and (IMHO) a better value. The Vortex is equal and a little less expensive. 

I hear Nikkon went out of business. I don't know if that is true or not. And there are a few other new companies that are making and importing quality scopes. But I like to shoot a Leupold just because I know what to expect and I know if I break it they will fix it 


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