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Earth Rock 2.0?

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The lower photo is interesting. How was it taken? How was the surface prepared?

I don't see free metallic iron. I see what you are calling metal but I am skeptical it is free metallic iron. 

The usual identifiers are always needed... Streak and specific gravity are the bare minimum to identify any rock or suspect meteorite. And a photo of the rock with the interior matrix exposed.

The exterior does not look like a meteorite to me. I don't see any crust. And shape makes no difference at all in most cases. So photo number one does not look like a meteorite to me.

Neither does photo number two. I don't see free metallic iron nor chondrules. It looks crystalline and granular.

If it sticks to a magnet you need only to identify the source of the iron in it. That is a fairly simple job. If the magnetic material in your stone is indeed free metallic iron the specimen is of interest. If it is mineral iron it is an terrestrial stone. It is as simple as that.

So streak the specimen when you cut the window and observe the color of the cuttings. If the streak is grey to black or red to pink it is a mineral. If it is watery and no particular color then you need to look with magnification for definite metallic inclusions.

If you do identify free metallic iron you need to find someone who can look at the rock in person.


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3 minutes ago, Stillweaver hillbelli said:

There was a recent fall in Costa Rica called the Augas Zarcas-carbonaceous chondrite- that has a very similar crust, imo,upon a very cursory comparison of photos from WWW 


I should have spelled "Aguas" better.

Note that I have never found a meteorite, nor consider myself even an amateur at identification.  

I only happened upon a story about the Aguas fall and noticed the similar granularity on the outside.

Have you cut a window?

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