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All around advice for free mill micro/flower/flake gold


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I have done quite a bit of research only to become more and more confused. I am looking for anyone to give me a straight, simple, dumb downed description of three things. Smelting gold, chemical refining and electrolysis. I have experiment with all three but cannot seem to get any actual results. What I believe I have is placed gold deposits found and n eroded old fire roads/breaks where it has accumulated at the roots of trees. I have had it tested. The other batch is what I believe is left over tailings from a darn that had broke and the larger nuggets have already been picked through. What is left is a highly concentrated flake, fine and micro gold which came from the base of the dam. I have not had it tested yet. So far aside from electrometer it has passed every test I have done at home. My goal to find a way once concentrated is to combine and refine it by any method. I could sale it as paydirt but with all the effort I have put forth so far I would rather go all the way. Also any advice is helpful. Thank you. 

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