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Equinox 1 Troy Ounce 18k Gold Chain

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Last night I was using the V 3.0 update and the 800/15 on the beach.  I came across an ordinary signal but got an extraordinary result.  What I saw in my scoop was a balled up 24" chain that is labeled 18k.  It is 32.57 grams.





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SWEET! I still dont understand why people wear jewelry to the beach? 
Well its good for the metal detectorists anyway. :)
Tom H.


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Well folks, I would edit the post but I can't.  It is fake!

I went to my local gold store to make sure it was gold and 18k and they told me it was a fake.  It is nickel and copper and not real.

All that glitters is not gold.  I'll go to the store before I post something like this next time.


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Sorry about your Buzz kill :idunno:I was going to mention when you first posted it that it looked more brassy than golden to me ButttttttttttttI didnt because it seems everytime I post a coment I ruffle the feathers of the Thin Skins and start a :poostorm:  No Nugget Mike C...:200:

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Dern...what a let down. 

Next time!
Tom H.


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