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SDC 2300 - $2,500


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Hello Everyone!  Hope all is well.  I am selling my SDC 2300,  This is a great machine that has found me some good gold.  I am selling it cause I don't use it as much as I'd like (I have a 5,000 and a GM 1000 Already) and I can use the cash more than a back up detector sitting and doing nothing for me.  This thing is great though,  I love how it folds up and be put into a back pack and carried anywhere, it is literally "Plug and Play"  turn it on, do a freq scan, balance it, and go.  Ignores hot ground really well and perfect for bedrock with deep crevices. Have questions?  Don't be bashful,  ask away!

Comes with loads of rechargeable C Batts, The Charger, Docs Detector Cover,  Koss Headphones, the original box, and manuals.

Local Pick up in Tucson, AZ or buyer to pay for shipping and handling.  I am in no rush to sell it,  but open to offers and possible "Cash with Gold" bartering (i.e. $500 cash and $2,000 in gold).

Paypal, Zelle or Cash only 




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SOLD - Thank you Everyone!

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