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Some of my agate collection

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Very nice!

 Edited to add: keep posting! I love seeing what others find. I don’t post much These days because I don’t get out like I used to and my club’s shop is closed due to covid, but if things ever get back to something resembling normal I’ll Be back to posting up stuff I find and stuff I make.

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8 hours ago, Jadee said:

  More of my summer finds this year :action-smiley-068[1]:

Note *: In the fourth photo up to the last it is the same agate just taken at all different sides










Very nice finds. I look forward to more photos. Are those from the Lake Superior area?

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 Thank you for all the compliments, everyone! :D

Yes, Morlock these are Lake Superiors that I found near where I live.

Bob - I tumbled a batch a long time ago but ended up having some damage done to the basement due to a small flood. It has been a while but as soon as I get my shop up and running again I will be doing more lapidary work: I am still learning about cutting and faceting. 

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3 hours ago, Jadee said:

I was taking practice shots indoors with a new camera lens and this agate was one that turned out good. It is called a whorl or hurricane Lake Superior agate for the the way the banding formed:

IMG_1248 best lighting.jpg

Nice!!!  Hope you find a lot more... tons more.

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