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Hello from a rock collector in Minnesota

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  I have been collecting agates for years now and have recently gotten into meteorites; I will have questions and since I am learning I will listen to all that is said with an open mind. What are some good books on metals, meteorites? What is a good metal detector to start out with for low cost? 

 I will be posting pictures of my agate collection, semi-precious stones, precious stones, and budding meteorite collection in the gallery soon :wee: 

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Welcome to the forum. I'm not trying to discourage you but I think you'll have a hard time finding meteorites in Minnesota. Here's an article I found that gives you some perspective.



My advice to you would be to study them, become VERY knowledgeable about meteorites and look for them indirectly. By that I mean make some flyers up describing what they look like along with your contact information. Then go around to the various farms in your area and talk to the farmers about meteorites and drop off the flyers. So instead of one person looking for meteorites, you'll have perhaps hundreds or even thousands looking on your behalf. When the pictures start coming in, you'll be able to give advice on what they might be and go from there.

Just food for thought.

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If you do decide to purchase a metal detector, I wouldn't waste my time detecting farm fields. I would go visit the farms in your area and ask if they have any old rock piles. Years ago when farmers first settled the land, they often plowed up rocks which they put into piles off to the side somewhere on the farm. It's possible some of those rock piles contain meteorites since farmers didn't know what they were at the time.

I would go with a Gold Bug 2 and the 10 inch coil only because I've had a lot of experience with it. But you might want to consider a multipurpose detector so you can hunt coins and relics as well.


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